teenager waits telephone call after quarrelDo you feel Like You’ve Lost Your Teenager?

  • Is your teen withdrawing, refusing to speak to you or spending hours alone in his or her room?
  • Are you worried your teen is making poor choices, such as experimenting with drugs, alcohol or sex?
  • Do you and your teen have heated arguments that make everyday seem like a war between wills?
  • Are you concerned that your teen appears to have few or no friends?
  • Do you long to provide your teen with the tools to become successful, happy and healthy, but feel powerless to help?

Seeing your teen struggle emotionally, academically or socially is a harrowing experience for most parents. Perhaps you’ve been noticing unsettling behavioral changes in your teen that are causing concern. Your teen might not seem like him or herself, causing you to feel like you’ve lost the child you used to know. He or she might be withdrawn, perhaps refusing to speak to you in anything but one-word responses. Once home from school, your teen might immediately retreat to the bedroom, perhaps texting, playing video games or engaging in social media until the early morning hours. The next morning your teen is likely tired and groggy. You might have difficulty getting him or her out of bed, causing a level of yelling and fighting that leaves you tired and emotionally drained.

You might be wondering how your child will be able to cope with the ups and downs of life, how he or she will do in college without your constant guidance and support and whether he or she will develop into a healthy, happy, self-sufficient adult. You might long to rebuild the bond you once had with your child, but can’t see your way around the wall he or she has built between you.

Adolescence Is a Challenging Time

If your teen is struggling through adolescence, he or she is not alone. Adolescence is a time of great transition. It’s a time when teenagers begin to solidify their identities and undergo physical and emotional changes, causing many to experience anxiety, worry, fear and frustrations.

The transition from childhood to adulthood has always been tough, but the pressures in today’s world make it more difficult than ever. Teens may be exposed to the temptations of drugs, alcohol and sexual activity at earlier ages. While computers and cell phones have many benefits, they also may expose teens to dangerous predators, inappropriate Internet sites and cyber-bullying. Today’s teens must learn to deal with normal emotional changes as well as growing societal pressures. Because of these pressures, it’s understandable that adolescents may feel anxious, disappointed and overwhelmed. They may feel confused about how to manage growing academic, emotional and social demands. Similarly, parents frequently struggle with how to help their kids develop and maintain positive self-worth while setting appropriate, consistent and fair expectations.

Thankfully, with the help of teen counseling you and your teen can learn how to navigate these difficult times. The teenage years don’t have to be filled with anxiety, conflict and turmoil.

Teen Counseling Offers a Solution

With over 10 years of experience in school and mental health settings, I have helped many teens and their families successfully manage their challenges and improve their communication skills so that they are well equipped to meet the issues that lie ahead.

In teen counseling sessions, I will provide a safe place for your teen to explore complex emotions that may be at the root of his or her behaviors. We will look at the triggers and problems that are unique to your child, and identify healthy ways to cope with stress. Your teen can learn how to improve relationships with parents, friends and teachers, and handle emotional struggles more effectively. As we explore issues related to self-esteem, your teen can become empowered to resist peer pressure and choose friends wisely. I can also teach your teen anger management skills so he or she can learn how to resolve conflict without fighting.

With the help of teen counseling, your teen can become more self-aware and achieve a greater level of self-confidence. You can rebuild your relationship and take one step closer toward ensuring his or her success in school, college and beyond.

Perhaps teen counseling seems like the right choice, but you still have some questions or concerns…

My teen is just going through the typical growing pains. These issues will resolve themselves over time.

That may be true, but are you really willing to wait and find out? It’s best to tackle your teen’s problems now while there’s still time. You don’t want you teen’s issues to fester into adulthood, when the consequences can be much more dire.

I’m worried I’ll find out I’m a bad parent.

You’re not a bad parent. You wouldn’t bother looking up counseling for your teen if you were. If wanted or needed, we also can discuss parenting strategies during sessions. This can include setting boundaries with your teen and using effective, appropriate discipline.

Teen Counseling Can Provide Your Teen With A Space For Healing, Learning And Growth

I strive to create a safe environment for teens. I’m down to earth and very easy to talk to. I provide teens with a nonjudgmental venue in which they can open up and begin to express their greatest worries, fears and frustrations. You can call me at (516) 639-0925. I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation. I’d be happy to hear your story and answer any questions you might have about teen counseling and my practice.